Rules & Regulations, Applications and Fees

Meeting and Application Schedule

In the area below you will find a brief description of each topic, associated rules & regulations and the application form. Please contact the Town Planner with any questions.  

Backland lots
Backland lots allow the creation of lots with reduced frontage (50 feet) with an increase in minimum acreage (4.5 acres). Backland lots are created by Special Permit issued from the Planning Board.

Common driveways
Common drivewaysserve 3 to 5 houses and require higher design standards than single and shared driveways. Created by Special Permit issued from the Planning Board.

Farmland and Open Space Planned Residential Development (FOSPRD) Application
FOSPRD lots allow reduced minimum lot sizes (1 acre) provided the applicant provides 33% of total land acreage as open space. Created by Special Permit issued from the Planning Board.

Single and Shared Driveway Application
Issued jointly by the Building Inspector and the Planning Board. All single and shared driveway applications must be signed by the Planning Board, Building Inspector, and Conservation Commission. A driveway plan must be submitted with the application in order to be reviewed and signed.

Limited Business, Business and Industrial Application
Limited Business, Business and Industrial uses are subject to Special Permit

Subdivision Rules and Regulations *Recently Revised
Revised and adopted by the Bolton Planning Board April 28, 2021

Town of Bolton Bylaws
Administrative and Zoning Bylaws

Wireless Communication Facilty
Application for Special Permit & Site Plan Review should be filed with the Board of Selectmen along with a $80.00 filing fee & $3,000 review fee.

Design Review

Barn, Stable and Carriage House Preservation
Detached barns, stables and carriage houses built before 1925 used for accessory apartments or home occupation subject to Special Permit issued from the Planning Board.