KidCare: Protecting Children with Photos & Fingerprints

Kidcare logo showing silhouettes of children - saying Emergency Information about your ChildrenProject KidCare was developed by the Polaroid Corporation and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It was the first comprehensive program to educate families about child safety issues and encourage parents to maintain current standardized photographs of their children.

Each year, the Bolton Police sponsors Project KidCare for the Bolton community so that parents may update the standardized photos and fingerprints of their children. The children can come to the police station to meet with some of our police officers or parents and their children can participate in one of our KidCare Fairs held during the spring season. Watch for annoucements of the next KidCare Fair.

During the recording process, a polaroid photo and fingerprints are taken of the child along with physical descriptions and other information that would prove helpful in indentifying the child should something unfortunate happen. This information is recorded into a "passport-like" format and is given to the parents for safekeeping.

Should an instance arise where the police need current photos and/or prints of the child (as in investigating a Missing Persons case), the parents will be able to supply these photos and prints to any agency who needs them. It should be made clear that these photos and prints are given to the parents or legal guardians of the child and no photos and prints are kept on record by the police agency.

It is suggested that the photos be updated at least once a year, and the fingerprints be updated as the child's hands develop better ridges. (they don't change over time, they just become easier to see).

Watch your local paper for announcements on the next KidCare event.