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Instructions to apply for annual Burning Permits

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Instructions for Building Permits

How to Apply for Building Permits

Welcome to Bolton’s information website for Online Permits, Applications and Licenses where you can learn about our online processes for doing business with the town. Useful information is included for homeowners, residents and contractors. Currently online permits can be processed for:

  • Brush Burning Permits
  • Building Permits

Your choice – “online” or “in person”:

Please note that online permitting is an option. It is not a replacement for the traditional “in person” application process. Homeowners and contractors will now have the choice of applying for these permits online or in person at the Public Safety Building (brush burning) or at the Town Hall (all other permit types). We strongly recommend, however, that you take advantage of these new convenient online permitting services. Our easy to follow instructions will get you comfortable with the online steps quickly.

Finding the information you need:

You should first review the “General Instructions” to get an introduction to the online permitting process. You can then review the specific permit instructions you’re interested in for additional detail related to that permit type (For example Brush Burning Instructions, Building Permit Instructions, etc).

Most of the “instruction” links will also be available on specific department web pages where appropriate. For example, you’ll find direct links to Brush Burning Permits on the Fire Department web page.  

General Instructions [Click Here]  - These are basic online instructions regardless of which permit, application, or license you’re dealing with. The instructions take you step by step through the whole process using a basic building permit example. A good general overview for the following:

Brush Burning Permit Instructions [Click Here] – Specific steps for brush burning permits.

Building Permit Instructions [Click Here] – Specific steps for online building permits. Please refer to “General Instructions” above for registration and login. Some Quick Links for Building Permits:

Conservation Commission Instructions [Click Here] – Specific steps for conservation related reviews, permits, applications  (note: content is not yet available)

Planning Board Instructions [Click Here] – Specific steps for Planning Board related reviews, permits, applications (note: content is not yet available)

Contractor Notes [Click Here] – Additional information for contractors including how to use contractor specific features of GeoTMS  (note: content is not yet available)

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