Bulk Waste Disposal Tips

Don't Pay More Than you Have To
Over-Full Truck

Transfer Station Regulations set three fees for disposal of "Bulk Waste". There are no other intermediate fees.

  • $30 for a full trunk load
  • $70 between a trunk load and ¾ pick-up truck load
  • $100 for a full pickup truck load

Any portion of a trunk full, from a single item to brimming-full costs $30. Any portion between a trunk load and 3/4 truck load costs $70. Any portion of a truck full, from more than a trunk full to a brimming-full truck costs $100. Any truck like the one shown in the photo above will be considered to be more than brimming-full.

Save money by trying to fill your trunk or truck up each time. If you don't have more items to get rid of, ask your friends and neighbors if they would like to share a trunk load or truck load and split the cost.