Voting in Bolton

The polls are open in Bolton on Election Day from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for state and national elections. For Town elections the hours are 12 noon to 8:00 p.m.

When you approach the check-in table, first tell the poll worker the name of the street where you live, your last name, and finally your first name as the voters list is arranged alphabetically by streets, this is the quickest way to receive your ballot and keep any lines moving.

In a primary election, voters who are registered in a political party only may obtain a ballot for that party. If you are an "unenrolled voter" (commonly referred to as an "independent voter”), you may request the ballot of any party participating in the primary election.

If your name does not appear on the list of voters, the poll worker should contact the Town Clerk.

If you are not on any list in the Town, but believe you registered, you have two options: the first option is to go to the office of the Town Clerk for a search of records and the second option is to simply vote on a provisional ballot.

The individual must sign both a provisional ballot affirmation and a provisional ballot precinct signature roster.  The precinct election officer shall mark the number of the provisional ballot envelope on the provisional ballot affirmation and the roster.  The precinct election officer shall check the appropriate box on the roster and on the Provisional Ballot Affirmation next to the circumstance for issuing the provisional ballot.

Official ballots are used, however, the precinct election officer writes the word “Provisional” on a ballot before handing it to the individual with a provisional ballot envelope.

After voting a provisional ballot, the individual places it in the provisional ballot envelope, seals it and then returns the sealed provisional ballot envelope to the precinct officer.

Provisional ballots cast by an individual whose voter information is verified before 5 pm on the third day after the state primary are removed from the provisional ballot envelope, grouped with other ballots in a manner that allows for the secrecy of the ballot to the greatest extent possible, and counted as any other ballot.

Once you receive a ballot, you cast your votes in the privacy of the voting booth. You may vote for the choices available on the ballot or, if you prefer, write-in the name of a candidate in space provided on the ballot. If you mismark your ballot, you must return it to the poll worker to have it marked as “spoiled’ so that you may receive a new ballot. If you are disabled and need assistance, you may be accompanied by someone who can provide the needed assistance or request a poll worker to provide you with confidential, nonpartisan help. When you have finished voting you must proceed to the check-out table and again state the name of the street where you live, your last name, and finally  your first name (The check-in/check-out procedure allows for a full accounting of all ballots to reduce the chance of fraud.) After you have checked-out, you deposit your ballot in the ballot box.