Caucus, Nominations and Petition Papers

A non-partisan town caucus is a meeting at which voters of the community of Bolton nominate candidates who will appear on the local election ballot. Candidates do not use party labels. Any voter of the town may attend caucus and vote. Twice the number of candidates to be elected to each office - those who receive the highest number of votes - will appear on the town election ballot designated as caucus nominee. Other candidates may run in the town election by filing nomination papers.

To run for office or to place a question on the ballot, gather the required number of signatures of registered voters on petition papers. The number of signatures depends on the office or the type of question. (See the various elections [Elections Guides] for the required number of signatures for a particular nomination or question time tables and other requirements). The Town Clerk supplies the petition papers.

Candidates or question proponents must gather the required number of signatures on the petition papers supplied by the Town Clerk. Once the signatures are gathered the petition papers are submitted to the Town Clerk for certification. The Town Clerk will certify the signature of any registered Bolton voter. (If the paper is for the nomination of a candidate for a party primary the signatures of voters enrolled in another political party or political designation will not be counted.) If the required number of signatures is certified, the candidate or question will appear on the ballot.