Personal Property Tax

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What is personal property?
Personal property is all tangible property other than real property, including, but not limited to: business equipment, office machinery, inventory, furniture and fixtures not located at the owner’s domicile on January 1.

Who must pay this tax?
Individuals, partnerships, associations, trusts, limited liability companies, Massachusetts business and out-of-state business corporations, limited liability companies filing federally as corporations, mutual insurance holding companies, Massachusetts and out-of-state manufacturing corporations and all other Massachusetts corporations subject to taxation under G.L. Chapter 63.

What property is taxable?
In general, all tangible personal property situated in Massachusetts and all tangible personal property owned by Massachusetts domiciliaries is taxable unless expressly exempt. There are many exemptions, which are usually based on ownership, type of property and use of property.

When are tax bills mailed and payment due?
Tax bills are mailed twice per year and due in two installments. The 1st bills are mailed on or about December 31st. The first payment is due on February 1st and the second payment is due on May 1st. If the first of the month falls on a weekend, the bills are due the following Monday.

For more information…
For information about valuation, abatement or exemptions, please call the Assessor’s office at 978-779-5556. For information about balances or payments, contact the Collector’s office at 978-779-6116.