Public Ways Safety Committee Description (cont'd)

This shall include, but not be limited to, the examination of:

  • Existing motorized local, commuter, and trucking traffic patterns
  • Existing non-motorized transit patterns
  • Existing traffic accident documentation recorded by the police department
  • Excessive traffic volumes
  • Signage and regulatory markings
  • Traffic speed and traffic calming measures
  • Safety for pedestrians, bikers, and riders
  • Parking
  • Dangerous or problem sections of roadways or intersections
  • Emergency vehicle access
  • Impact of new development upon existing and planned transportation infrastructures

The Public Ways Safety Committee shall consult with the Police Chief, Superintendent of Public Works, Fire Chief, Ambulance Director, Tree Warden, similar committees in neighboring and regional towns, MassHighway and/or any other governmental agency in gathering information and prior to bringing a specific proposal to the Board of Selectmen.