Application Process for Fields, Parks, and Facility Use

Application Process for Parks and Recreation Fields/Facilities/Parks
  • All forms and documents needed to schedule the town’s fields, facilities or parks for leagues, events or outings can be found on this page. 
To schedule a field, facility or park, please
Mail to or drop off at:
Bolton Town Hall
C/O Parks and Recreation Commission
663 Main Street
Bolton, MA  01740
  • Applications must be submitted to the Parks and Recreation Commission at least 30-days prior to the requested event, practice or game. Reviewing and agreeing to the Rules and Regulations is part of the application process.
  • The Parks and Recreation Commission will review applications at the next scheduled Parks and Recreation meeting (meetings are held on the the second Tuesday of every month.)
  • The Parks and Recreation field scheduler will email the applicants with the approved schedule, the fees due (if applicable) and post the information on the Parks and Recreation calendar. The field scheduler will also issue the applicant a permit that is to be posted for the duration of the sport season or held by the person orchestrating the event.  
  • Scheduling for Pond Park requires selectmen approval.
  • Click HERE to pay for field usage
Sport Season Application Deadlines
  • Spring Season -  March 1st 
  • Summer Season - June 1st
  • Fall Season - August 1st 
Although applications are due 30-days prior to the requested event, leagues who submit their applications by the season deadlines will get field/facility priority.

Spring Field Conditions
  • Use of any town field in the spring is contingent on the official release from the Bolton Department of Public Works Department. No event, practice or game is allowed on public areas until the formal approval is granted from the DPW. The Bolton Parks and Recreation Commission will post online and email league heads when the fields are released.
To schedule a field, facility or park under the Nashoba Regional District's management, please:
  • Visit the RSchoolToday scheduling site to reserve Nashoba Regional District fields and facilities. For more information on scheduling through the RSchoolToday system, please read the Quick Start Guide provided by the district.