GIS / Property Info

Welcome to Bolton's Online GIS service. Residents can now view a variety of GIS maps and data specific to the Bolton area.   

The Bolton AxisGIS/Property Record Card site includes several tools:
  • Map navigation/analysis/output - zoom, pan, measuring, graphics editing, printing etc.
  • Assessor parcel data - display the Property Record Card from a parcel or address viewed on the map or apply various abutters tools (Please note that results generated by the abutters tools are unofficial. Contact the Assessors office in town hall for official abutters lists and information)
Map Layers:
Bolton GIS maps are organized in selectable layers. You can choose to display only those layers that you are interested in by checking or clearing the appropriate check boxes. For example when you first open the Bolton GIS site you'll see a "MapLayers" heading which you can expand to view all the layers available for selection. The "Base Map" layer is selected by default. Clicking on the "200 ft Riverfront Resource Area" layer will display the 200 ft buffer along river fronts. You can zoom in to see how close buildings are to this buffer area.
Special Notes for Map Layers:
  • The relative proximity displayed and distances measured on the maps are approximate only. These results can only be used for informal planning or general analysis. You may need to contact professional surveyors for precise, official results.
  • The Zoning Layer has had some recent changes not yet reflected in the online version. The latest version of the Zoning Layer is available at the town hall. 
Map Content:
The actual map data comes from Mass GIS, CAI Technologies (a long time Bolton vendor providing Assessor and Mapping services), and/or from customized information developed by Town Hall staff (Assessors, Conservation, IT, Planning). Our collection of customized, Bolton specific, GIS data will continue to grow and evolve. As an example Conservation's Trail Committee is in the process of mapping trails throughout Bolton using mobile devices and GPS apps. This GPS data will be imported into our GIS database, edited for accuracy and relevance, and then published as a new layer on the Bolton GIS site. We expect to be publishing new data 1-2 times per year.
Browser Prerequisites:
Viewing the site and/or printing maps requires the following:
  • Microsoft "SilverLight" add on (go to MS Silverlight for download and installation)
  • Adobe Reader (go to Adobe Reader for download and installation)
Questions, Comments, Issues:
Please email to