Department Goals


  1. Manage the budget using the newly developed worksheets.
  2. Assist departments with managing their expenditures and staying within their budgets.
  3. Estimate revenue projections to assist with capital planning.

Affordable Housing Partnership

  1. Continue to research, strategize and plan to maintain our certification of compliance with planned production of Affordable Housing as certified by DHCD beyond 2007
  2. Work with the Housing Authority to resolve the deed rider issues that will continue at Bolton Woods Way if changes are not made
  3. Improve communication, outreach and education within the Bolton Community regarding the BAHP, affordable housing issues and current and proposed projects within our town.

Appeals, Board of

  1. Perform timely review of permit applications before it (including variance, special permit, and comprehensive permit applications) while maintaining its duty to uphold the public interest
  2. Perform more efficient and expeditious hearing processes
  3. Explore and implement ways to become more creative in 40B permitting in a manner that strikes a balance between state law and local needs.


  1. Present and disseminate to town boards and departments the utility and cost associated with a GIS precision, ground control platform.
  2. Continuing effort in parcel description uniformity regarding structure condition and grade.
  3. Continuing effort in site land description, attributes and valuation. 

Council on Aging

  1. Finalize the MART van service for Bolton seniors and handicapped.
  2. Offer a special program and meal site once monthly at the senior center. Would require revising our present lease agreement with tenant or find a suitable location for said program.
  3. Work with the town to initiate a property tax relief program in addition to the Senior Tax Rebate Program (STRP).
  4. Determine the need for the R.U.O.K. Program “Are you OK?”. Program is designed to call the homes of elderly residents with pre-existing health problems who have no one to check on them daily.


  1. Take over the billing for ambulance service reimbursement, and expedite the billing process
  2. Coordinate the ambulance filing system 

Fire Department

  1. Preplan for fires at the schools and some of the larger buildings in town.
  2. Take part in the inspection of LPG installations and the issue of permits
  3. Take part in the inspection of Smoke/CO detectors and the issue of certificates
  4. Take part in the permitting of oil burner installations
  5. Enter all permits and inspections into the FIREHOUSE Software database, past and present.

For both Ambulance and Fire Departments

  1. Reduce response times
  2. Assist in obtaining integrated IMC software for Fire, Police, and Ambulance.

Conservation Commission

  1. Finish drafting the Wetland Bylaw Regulations and adopt them.
  2. Work with others to garner support for the Community Preservation Act and see it adopted.
  3. Improve communication with other boards and committees.


  1. Work with the Public Ways Safety Committee to establish a traffic light at the intersection of Route 117 and the I-495N ramp.
  2. Work with the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator to help keep the public informed of work being done to Town roads and buildings.
  3. Work with the Parks & Recreation Commission to try to bring an additional athletic field into use.

Historical Commission

  1. Establish a Local Historic District (LHD) for the town center
  2. Work with Public Works  & Tree Warden on process to replace trees along our public ways, particularly within the Bolton Center National Register Historic District (NRHD)
  3. Participate in the development of Design Review Guidelines as stated in the Master Plan 

Town Goals for 2007:

  1. Participate in and work for the adoption of Community Preservation Act (CPA)
  2. Work with Public Works & Tree Warden on process to replace trees along our publicways, particularly within the Bolton Center National Register Historic District (NRHD)
  3. Promote recognition, protection and preservation of the Great Brook Corridor in town Center area (Bolton Center Meadow) with its more than 15 individual historicalresources, including ancient culverts, bridges, dams and other stonework.


  1. Library operations during construction (Kelly Collins)
  2. $620,000 in private donations by December 2007 (Chris Sterling)
  3. Final design approval
  4. Award of primary construction contract (Bob Zak)

MIS Department

  1. Maintain support SLA (Service Level Agreement) Parameters:
    1. Average time to respond = within 1 business day
    2. Average time to restore operations (at least a temporary workaround) = within 2 business day
    3. Resolve permanently or define future resolution plan (may be dependent on external vendors) = within 5 business days
  2. Complete the Backup Analysis/Infrastructure Mapping  Project (detailed assessment of backup processes & network configuration)
  3. Backup operations (transition from ad hoc manual to automated tape system reflecting findings from Backup Analysis Project) – Town Hall systems only
  4. Complete the security assessment Project (annual analysis of security across town computing infrastructure)
  5. Complete audit of software licensing (inventory software for legitimate licensing and upgrade requirements, generate plan to resolve)
  6. Develop Multiyear IT plan
  7. Implement secure remote access to server – system admin account only
  8. Implement secure remote access to server – user level accounts, needed for automated backup
  9. Backup operations (transition from ad hoc manual to automated tape system reflecting findings from Backup Analysis Project) – other offices (Emerson, DPW, Lib, etc)

Planning Board

  1. Bring proposal before town to clarify dimensional schedule in bylaw is organizedby zoning district
  2. Bring proposal before town that clarifies Major Residential Development bylaw is not limited to the definition of subdivision in Chapter 41 Section 81L
  3. Review and update subdivision regulations
  4. Explore adding design review criteria to bylaw for Limited Business and Business districts to encourage appropriate architecture/building styles
  5. Update the Table of Uses and add accompanying definitions to give greater clarity to what land uses the town wants and does not want to promote.

Selectmen, Board of

  1. Maintain town services
  2. Control expenses at current levels where possible
  3. Publish and begin implementation of the Master Plan
  4. Oversee Wastewater Treatment Plant design and construction
  5. Control energy costs by looking at regionalization, windmill, Mass. Technology Collaborative
  6. Continue to support Emergency Response Plan
  7. Recommend Senior Health Insurance coverage
  8. Capital Planning (Future Municipal and School Needs)
  9. Future of  Personnel Committee
  10. Improve communications with the public
  11. Helping to find right business to move into Future Electronics
  12. Research feasibility of adding a cell tower on town land/develop RFP
  13. Senior transportation (MART) & Senior Parking
  14. Participate in Library Construction Project
  15. Oversee BOSE interchange
  16. Complete School Lease

Tax Collector

  1. Print and mail out quarterly real estate bills.
  2. Print and mail 3rd & 4th quarter personal property bills.
  3. Coordinate with Deputy Tax Collector and all excise commitments from the RMV.
  4. Collect and post all RE, PP and excise tax payments.
  5. Through the tax taking process of letters, advertisement and instrument of taking, place a tax lien on delinquent 2006 real estate properties.
  6. Train an assistant to maintain the office during Tax Collector’s absence.

Town Administrator

  1. Maintain town services;
  2. Control expenses at current levels where possible;
  3. Fix heating system at Town Hall;
  4. Propose new Budget spreadsheets (with separate sheet for capital projects);
  5. Work with Police Chief on budget FY08;
  6. Oversee Wastewater Treatment Plant design and construction;
  7. ecommend Senior Health Insurance coverage.

Town Planner

  1. Promote effective collaboration between town departments and boards/committees on 40B and subdivision applications
  2. Explore and work to implement creative methods for the town to meet its Planned Production goal of 11 additional units of affordable housing during 2007
  3. Explore and work to implement ways to improve the Farmland and Open Space Planned Residential Development bylaw
  4. Explore the feasibility of passing a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) bylaw, and determine what components would make a proposed bylaw politically acceptable
  5. Assist the Planning Board in bringing a proposal before town to clarify dimensional schedule in bylaw is organized by zoning district, and suggest dimensional regulations for Limited Business, Business, Limited Recreational Business, and Industrial Districts in close consultation with the public
  6. Assist the Planning Board in reviewing and updating subdivision regulations by in part researching regulations from similar communities, determining their effectiveness from the towns themselves, and modifying regulations when appropriate to fit Bolton’s local needs and/or values
  7. Assist the Planning Board in updating the Table of Uses and adding accompanying definitions to give greater clarity to what land uses the town wants and does not want to promote.
Police Department
  1. Morale & Professional Development
    1.  Since being appointed as Chief, I have focused significantly on improving and building upon the morale and professional standing of all aspects of the department. This would include fostering an environment of trust, mutual understanding, open communication, integrity, and motivation among employees. Training and professional development play a critical role in the quality and delivery of public safety services.
    2. Highly trained Officers and staff also significantly reduce the level of civil and criminal liability community’s face. For FY08, I intend to continue moving forward with the goal of a further developing and maintaining a highly trained, well respected, harmonious law enforcement organization responsive to the needs of the Bolton community.
  2. School Safety & Security
    1. I am, and always have been, a strong advocate of mutual cooperation and communication between the Police Departments and the local school district. This would include daily presence in the schools by specially trained Police Officers. My goal for FY08 is to develop and implement a School Resource Officer (SRO) program that would dedicate a selected, highly skilled Police Officer to our local schools. This Officer would manage the many school safety programs we currently present, in addition to being an on site police presence should security or safety issues arise. This Officer would act as the daily liaison to school administrators and staff, maintaining constant open lines of communication, as well as developing a rapport and relationship of trust with the student body. Our children are our most precious and fragile resource. They deserve the best protection and safety we can provide. 
  3. Traffic Safety & Management  
    1. Though a rural community in nature, Bolton, by virtue of its physical location, is traversed daily by many thousands of motor vehicles, far in addition to those of local residents. With an Interstate Highway (Rte.495) and 3 State Highways (Rte.’s 117,110 & 85) crisscrossing our town, traffic volume, and it’s associated complications of motor vehicle accidents, medical and fire emergency calls, criminal elements, and motor vehicle law enforcement, presents us with the largest challenge and workload we face as a department. As an FY08 goal, we intend a two pronged approach to this issue. We will continue aggressive traffic enforcement to ensure that all motorists using our roadways do so in a safe and legal manner. Aggressive traffic enforcement also has the residual effect of significantly lowering the Break & Entry rate to local residents and businesses. Those with criminal intent quickly recognize that their chances of being stopped before, or apprehended after, committing a crime are significantly greater in communities that prioritize traffic enforcement. They simply go elsewhere. Secondly, we will work diligently with the Bolton Public Ways Safety Committee, the town Department of Public Works, concerned residents and local businesses, local public officials, the MA State Police, and the State Department of Transportation, to work to improve the town’s roadway infrastructure. We will recommend design changes and/or improvements to a number of troublesome intersections such as Rte. 117 & Rte.110, Wattaquadock Hill Rd. & Main St., Manor Rd. & Main St., Rte. 85 and Main St, Green Rd. & Main St., to name a few.
  4. Interdepartmental Communications & Training
    1. Being a smaller agency, the Bolton Police Department must rely on the assistance and cooperation of numerous other state and local governmental agencies. My goal is to maintain daily working relationships and open lines of communication between both
    2. Bolton town departments such as Fire, Ambulance, and Highway, and adjoining community’s public safety agencies and the School District. We have already laid the groundwork for joint mutual training and practice drills with public safety agencies in the Nashoba School District regarding our response to potential incidents of school violence in FY08. We will share our department resources with both Bolton town departments and our surrounding communities to prepare for both man made, and natural disasters.
  5. Police Station Upgrade
    1. Our current Police Station at 697 Main St., is the oldest active occupied Police Station in the state. Though a historic building dating back to the 1800’s, we have far outgrown the capacity of this facility to house a modern Police Department of our size. The lack of any cells or prisoner holding facility posses both a safety hazard to Officers and prisoners alike. Officers must frequently opt not to arrest subjects that they should, due to this inadequacy. The addition of more state mandated communications and computer equipment has seriously overtaxed the space and electrical capacity of the building. The facility is not fully handicapped accessible. All are in agreement that we need a new facility, and many residents have worked tirelessly serving on committees to help make this a reality. As an FY08 goal, we will work with both local officials and citizens to identify a suitable site, and lay the groundwork for a cost effective facility that will serve the town well into the future. We will also work with other town departments to explore the feasibility of a joint Bolton Police/Fire/Ambulance Public Safety facility to determine the most practical and cost effective solution to the physical space issue.
    2. The activities of the Bolton Police Department are by no means limited to the strategic goals listed above. These are areas that we feel will occupy a significant portion of our time, personnel, and resources. As public safety agencies must remain flexible, and able to respond to the immediate needs and events of our community, the priority and focus of our goals can indeed be modified, sometimes unfortunately beyond our control based on world and national events. You can be assured that the Bolton police Department will always maintain its primary mission of providing for the safety and security of those who live, work, or travel through our community. This is a public trust we have taken an oath to uphold.