HeatSmart Massachusetts (HeatSmart Mass)

The purpose of this message is to assess who in Bolton might be interested in helping to conduct a new MASS CEC/DOER energy conservation program called HeatSmart Mass, subject to approval by the Board of Selectmen on August 31, 2017.
"HeatSmart Massachusetts (HeatSmart Mass) seeks to increase the adoption of small-scale clean heating and cooling technologies in participating communities through a competitive solicitation process that aggregates homeowner buying power to lower installation prices for participants.”
It will be similar to Solarize Mass, but fosters teaming of up to 3 abutting towns and involves one (or more) of each of the following technologies (not wind or solar):
  • Central Biomass Heating (e.g. pellets)
  • Air Source Heat Pumps (“ASHPs”)
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps (“GSHPs”)
  • Solar Hot Water 
We are considering teaming with Harvard and possibly other abutting towns, focussing on ASHP, which seems to have generated a lot of interest here.
Please let me know at solarizebolton@gmail.com if you, or someone you know, are interested in one or more of the following levels of participation (see details in RFP):
  1. Municipal Representative 
  2. HeatSmart Coach 
  3. Volunteer (Similar to Solarize Mass) Roles can vary with time and would initially focus on submitting a winning proposal, then shift to issuing an installer RFP, evaluating their proposals to select a winner, along with marketing and outreach. The Solarize Mass Bolton proposal and other material is available as a starting point.