Get Ready To Heat Smart!

 Get Ready to Heat Smart!

HeatSmart Bolton/Harvard is a community-based education and group purchasing program offering the latest heat pump technology to homeowners and businesses to improve the efficiency and lower the costs of heating and cooling.  (You can read all about it at:  HeatSmart is a MassCEC  (Clean Energy Center) / DOER (Department of Energy Resources) Pilot program. Three other communities are also participating in 2018.

Want to be ready to take advantage of air source and ground source heat pumps?  Installers for Harvard and Bolton have been selected and  signed  their contracts with the state.  We expect to hold meetings in each town with the installers about the technology, timetable, and pricing in late February or early March.  Dates to be posted on our website will be updated with more information soon.  (

 If you haven’t, now is the time to sign up for a free Home Energy Assessment through MassSave, which also offers thousands of dollars in rebates and 0% interest financing.

 The home energy assessment can reveal cost-effective weatherization and insulation improvements that reduce your heating and cooling load, which will:

◦                      Potentially reduce cost of new heat pump equipment, 

◦                      Reduce fuel consumption, 

◦                      Improve comfort, and 

◦                      Benefit the environment.

 Although several companies are MassSave partners and are advertising home energy assessments, Mass CEC/DOER have teamed exclusively with HomeWorks to pilot an enhanced home energy assessment, which goes beyond conventional assessments to better prepare your home for heat pump installation. It is offered exclusively to the first 100 HeatSmart Bolton-Harvard potential customers.  Use the following link to learn more and sign up for your free enhanced energy assessment:

 MassSave energy assessments, including the enhanced one, are free (already paid for via your National Grid electric bill) if your last assessment was more than two years ago. In that case, no additional assessment is needed. Assessments within the past four years are required for the MassSave HEAT Loan, MassSave weatherization and insulation incentives, and the MassCEC rebates, but not to participate in HeatSmart.

After reviewing eleven proposals, the HeatSmart Bolton-Harvard team is excited to announce the selection of Boucher Energy Systems and Bill Wenzel Heating & Air Conditioning, as the partner air-source heat pump and ground-source heat pump installers, respectively. More information about the timetable for meetings, beginning with “Meet the Installer”, and home tours will be posted soon.

--HeatSmart Bolton-Harvard Volunteers

Tony Jagodnik,  Bolton HeatSmart Coach