Economic Development Committee

Town Hall , 663 Main Street
Event Date: 
Monday, April 2, 2018 - 7:00pm


EDC Scheduled Meetings


EDC Business 7:00pm


  • Minute Approval
  • Vote to Rescind initial vote on Meals


Ongoing Projects 7:05pm

   EDC Website update

Welcome Sign Update (Maintenance Fee and management discussion)

Social Media and Article Updates

Brochure Update and Review

5th Annual Bolton Business Breakfast/Afterhours Planning and Marketing

To be held June 8th at Slater’s.

  • Meet with Matt Myers of Johnny Appleseed Trail Association and Chris McDermott of the North Central Chamber of Commerce 7:20

Introduction of JATA and NCCofC

Discuss Partnerships and Collaborations between Bolton EDC and JATA and NCCofC

Discuss Meals Tax and its implications on local businesses with JATA and NCCofC.Give

summary of where Meals Tax stands in town.

Discuss Meals Tax subcommittee and give them direction from overall board to work on an

article with EDCs stance

Potentially vote on EDCs official position on Meals Tax.


  • Meet with Kate Buyuk to discuss Citizen’s Petition for Residentially Zoned Tier One Recreational Marijuana cultivation. 8:00

Discuss financials and impact on Town of Bolton


  • Current Businesses   8:30 pm
  • New Business 8:35 pm
  • Vacant Commercial Space 8:40 pm

   Discuss meeting with Business owners at Planning Board meeting on 3/28/18

  • Town Policy Updates pertaining to Businesses. 8:45