Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey

The Town of Bolton was recently awarded a Survey & Planning Grant by the Massachusetts Historical Commission to complete a town-wide archaeological reconnaissance survey.
The purpose of this project will be to conduct a communitywide reconnaissance survey to produce an inventory of the community's native and colonial sites from ancient and historic time periods.
The project will be structured to provide professional archeological resource survey expertise to the community to undertake a comprehensive survey project.
Specific project goals will include the following:
  • To conduct a comprehensive survey of archeological resources of the community, using the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) survey methodology and inventory forms
  • To map existing and predictive archeological native and colonial sites
  • To provide a narrative report including descriptions of sites, relation to historic patterns of land use, economic development, social and demographic history, and events that had an impact on the community. Suggestions of bylaws and tools to be implemented will also be included
  • To provide educational and informative presentations to the community
  • To submit to MHC a list of native and colonial archeological sites in the community.
  • The project will be completed over the next year by the Environmental Institute at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, under the direction of Dr. Mitchell Mulholland. The local project coordinator is Iris Berdrow, member of the Bolton Historical Commission.
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