Wilder Pond

Rules, Regulations and other Information

Assessor’s Map and Parcel(s): 5.B-78, 6.B-189, 6.B-188, 6.B-187

Acres: ~5.63

Acquired: A parcel was purchased by the town in 1991 an additional 27.3 acres are held by the Trustees of Reservations under a Conservation Restriction for agricultural use. Additional parcels were recently acquired in 2017 through the FOSPRD development of Tadmor.

Features: An Old Rail bed runs through the property, a small berm between two ponds that provide great habitat for diverse wildlife. Wilder Pond is a large wetland (formed by Sawmill brook) extending from the banks of the pond. This property has a significant fieldstone dam at the west end of Wilder Pond and remnants of old mills along the stream.

Access: Parking area off of Route 117 (Main Street) “Wilder Pond” Conservation property sign located along roadside at the break in the guardrail. Tadmor subdivision now contributes another route of access from the cul de sac.  

Trails: HERE

Regulations for Use of Conservation Land

It is the intent and policy of the Conservation Commission that conservation land be maintained in a natural state. Some areas where appropriate the commission establishes trails to allow for passive recreational use. Any alteration to a Conservation property or trail by persons other than the Commission's authorized agents shall require the prior written permission of the Commission. The Conservation Land Rules and Regulations shall be adhered to at all times. Inclusive of the Dogs on Conservation Land Rules and Regulations. You may find these regulations on our town website or by clicking HERE.

This property has a Conservation Restriction for the purposes of:

1) Attractive views of adjacent agricultural meadows which are also protected by conservation restriction and a small pond and wetlands.

2) Diversity of wildlife habitat, including open water, wetlands, a stream, meadows, and woodland; contribute to protection and enhancement of water quality and scenic views.

3) Public access

In addition to the regulations referenced above, the following restrictions apply:

Prohibited uses:

1) Constructing or placing of any building, tennis court, landing strip, mobile home, swimming pool, asphalt or concrete pavement, sign, fence, billboard or other advertising display, antenna, utility pole, tower, conduit, line or other temporary or permanent structure or facility on or above the Premises, except for fences appropriate to the conservation purposes of this Conservation Restriction.

2) Mining, excavating, dredging or removing from the premises of soil, loam, peat, gravel, sand, rock or other mineral resource or natural deposit, except as necessary for proper drainage or soil conservation and then only in a manner which does not impair the purposes of this Conservation Restriction.

3) Placing, filling, storing or dumping on the premises of soil, refuse, trash, vehicle bodies or parts, rubbish, debris, junk, waste or other substance or material whatsoever or the installation of underground storage tanks;

4) Cutting, removing or otherwise destroying trees, grasses or other vegetation, except as provided in the next section below.

5) Activities detrimental to drainage, flood control, water conservation, water quality, erosion control or soil conservation.

6) The use of motorcycles, motorized trail bikes, snowmobiles and all other motor vehicles, except as reasonably necessary in exercising any other reserved right in the next section, or as required by the police, firemen, or other governmental agents carrying out their lawful duties.

7) Any other use of the premises or activity thereon which is inconsistent with the purpose of this Conservation Restriction or which would materially impair other significant conservation interests unless necessary for the protection of the conservation interests that are the subject of this Restriction; and

8) Conveyance of a part or portion of the Premises alone, or division or subdivision of the Premises (as compared to the conveyance of the Premises in its entirety which shall be permitted) without the prior written consent of the Grantee.

Reserved Rights:

1) Hiking, horseback riding, cross country skiing, and other passive outdoor recreational activities.

2) In accordance with generally accepted forestry conservation practices, the selective pruning and removal of vegetation to control or prevent hazard, disease, or fire, or to preserve or enhance the natural character of the Premises.

3) The construction, maintenance and marking of trails for pedestrian use and horseback riding.

4) The maintenance of presently existing trails and wood roads located on the Premises substantially in their present condition or as reasonably necessary for the uses herein permitted.

5) The construction, maintenance, repair and replacement of minor structures for use by the public for educational and passive recreational purposes, including but not limited to interpretive signs and exhibits, benches, and picnic, skiing, or skating shelter. Said structures shall be designed and located so as not to have deleterious impact on the conservation purposes of this Conservation Restriction.

6) Maintenance, repair and replacement in substantially its present form of the earthen dam located on the West end of the pond, and, with the prior written permission of the Grantee, the removal of said dam for reasons of public health, safety and welfare.


Adopted 12/21/2010
The maps and data displayed on this site are for reference and planning purposes only. The Town of Bolton assumes no legal responsibility for the information contained herein. The items specified above are restrictions specific to the conservation property. They are included for transparency purposes only. They do not give anyone the right to alter conservation property. That is ONLY the authority of the conservation commission or its authorized agents.