Vaughn Hill Conservation Area

Rules, Regulations and other Information
Vaughn Hill Map

Assessor’s Map and Parcel(s): 7.B-22.1, 7.C-01, 6.C-24

Acres: ~162.32

Acquired:  In 1990, the Town of Bolton purchased the Hansen Land. Then in 2001, the Town acquired adjacent parcels through the use of a Self Help grant; to offset the cost, the Town disposed of two acres. A Conservation Restriction protects an adjacent 28 acres and associated trail easements to Bare Hill Road.

Features: The varying upland forest consists of pine, oak scrub, birch and beech stands. A large pond formed by a beaver dam causing the once wet meadow to be flooded which sits at the southeast side of the core conservation area. The pond is host to a significant beaver lodge. The “North Peak” is one of the highest points of elevation between Boston and Wachusett Mountain. Streams flow throughout the properties low lying areas with noteworthy wetlands. Significant snags provide excellent habitat for many bird species. Signs of coyotes, deer, hawks, and woodpeckers dot the landscape. Four Great Blue Heron nests overlook the pond and each year bring new chicks. Trails throughout the property provide access to view all listed features.

Access: Parking is located at the “Moen” trail head off of Vaughn Hill Road where a kiosk was built as part of an Eagle Scout Project. Parking is also located along the shoulder of the Woodside Drive cul-de-sac. A third parking area is located off of Green Road “Hansen land”. There is access from Bare Hill Road in three locations with trail head signage.

Trails: HERE

Regulations for Use of Conservation Land

It is the intent and policy of the Conservation Commission that conservation land be maintained in a natural state. Some areas where appropriate the commission establishes trails to allow for passive recreational use. Any alteration to a Conservation property or trail by persons other than the Commission's authorized agents shall require the prior written permission of the Commission. The Conservation Land Rules and Regulations shall be adhered to at all times. Inclusive of the Dogs on Conservation Land Rules and Regulations. You may find these regulations on our town website or by clicking HERE.

Adopted 12/21/2010
The maps and data displayed on this site are for reference and planning purposes only. The Town of Bolton assumes no legal responsibility for the information contained herein. The items specified above are restrictions specific to the conservation property. They are included for transparency purposes only. They do not give anyone the right to alter conservation property. That is ONLY the authority of the conservation commission or its authorized agents.