Conservation Land & Trail Maps

April Showers Bring May flowers…and Muddy Conditions on Trails:

If you come across a muddy or wet trail without an appropriate crossing:

  • Turn back; try the trail another day
  • Stay within the center of the trail braving the trail conditions
  • DO NOT walk around the center of the trail to avoid the mud; others will follow and unintentionally widen the trails beyond their easements.
  • Stay on existing trails — never create a new one.

For more information NEMBA has an article regarding further information to consider when you are choosing to AVOID wet/mud conditions on trails (see link below):

Just Say No to Mud

The Conservation Department would prefer not to close or prohibit use of trails during specific times of year. Therefore, we respectfully ask trail users to be mindful of the trail conditions and to reduce encroachment in properties adjacent to the established trails.

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