Bolton Conservation Land Rules and Regulations

The Bolton Conservation Commission welcomes and encourages responsible public use and enjoyment of land under its stewardship.  
Pursuant to MGL Ch. 40, s. 8c, the Conservation Commission has adopted these rules and regulations to provide a pleasant experience for users and in order to preserve and protect in perpetuity the wildlife, aesthetic, ecological, environmental, and conservation values of these properties, which include:
  • Protection of surface and ground water resources
  • Protection of unfragmented forest habitat
  • Protection of wildlife habitat
  • Protection of open space and the Town’s trail system
Dogs may be walked on conservation land as long as they are under the effective control of a person. People walking dogs shall remove feces from trails and all environmentally sensitive areas. Please keep dogs out of vernal pools during the breeding season for frogs and salamanders (generally mid-February through April). Do not let dogs chase or harass wildlife.

  • Hunting, Trapping, and Discharging of: firearms, arrows, paintballs and pellets
  • Motor Vehicle, except for emergency response or municipal vehicles
  • Dumping and/or littering
  • Alcoholic beverages and glass containers
  • Smoking
  • Swimming, except wading by the Tom Denny Nature Camp
Advance Permission Needed in Writing from the Bolton Conservation Commission for the Following
  • Camping
  • Fires
  • Memorials or displays
  • Building new trails or extensions to existing trails
  • Cutting, removing or damaging vegetation, except for the control of invasive species
  • Collecting dead or down wood, rocks, or wildlife
Any activities or uses not set forth here require the prior written permission of the Conservation Commission.
Adopted 12/21/10 - Filed with the Town Clerk 1/3/11 - Bolton Conservation Commission, 663 Main Street (978)779-3304 or contact us.