Advisory Committee Description (cont'd)

From January to April, the Advisory Committee meets weekly to conduct detailed reviews of all town budgets and capital expenditures in preparation for making recommendations to voters at the Annual Town meeting in May. This is time-consuming work, but essential if we are going to plan for the Town’s future and its financial requirements. We also appoint liaisons to many other Town committees in order to keep abreast of current and future initiatives affecting Bolton. The Advisory Committee conducts additional meetings for review of warrant articles presented at Special Town meetings.

Education is the biggest single expense in our budget and the Bolton Advisory Committee has no authority to review the Nashoba Regional School District (NRSD) budget or its components. We can only deliver a recommendation on the Bolton assessment from the NRSD, which follows after their budget has been determined. Therefore, it is important that the Advisory Committee understand the Nashoba Regional School District (NRSD) budget and express - to the School Committee and School District administration - the needs and financial constraints facing our town. Extra effort in communication is necessary to balance the financial needs of the town and the school district. To fulfill this obligation, we attend School Committee meetings as appropriate and attend Tri-town meetings with the Selectmen and Advisory Committees of Bolton, Stow and Lancaster and members of the NRSD administration.

We work closely with the Bolton Selectmen, Town Administrator, and other town officers to address the financial needs and improve the financial health of our town. Continual improvement of the processes that provide financial and budget information to the Town is also our goal. Due in large part to the efforts and exceptional assistance we receive from Town Accountant Ninotchka Rogers and Town Treasurer Donna Madden, we make progress on these goals each year. Town Secretary Linda Day provides outstanding support and guidance to the committee throughout the year.